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Moving? Here's Who Needs to Know!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Are you preparing to move out? Moving from a new address to another is sure to be a hassle and you want to make sure all the right people and organizations are aware beforehand. Follow this helpful checklist to create more ease in the moving process!

Post Office

With all your important mail, the Post office must be the first on your list to be notified when you are about to move. Submit a request for a change of address online through USPS with your updated address to ensure any important mail is sent to the right place.


Your company will need your new address for them to send by tax documents, insurance, or other company mail.

And if you are relocating because of a new job, you need to notify both your previous and new employer. Your previous employer may have important documents to send you after your resignation.


If you are currently renting, you need to write a letter with an intent to move out to your landlord before vacating the rental property. Provide at least 30 days' move-out notice and review the contract agreement.

Giving advance notice of vacating to your Landlord will also provide them the time to find a new tenant.


You need to inform your utility companies to disconnect all services from your previous address so that you avoid having unnecessary costs added to your bills during your moving period.

Arrange this by ensuring to provide them with your new address and the start date of your new home at least two weeks in advance.


Your Driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration also contain your previous address and need to be updated upon your move-out date.

Banks and Insurance Companies

You should let your bank, any other financial institutions, and insurance companies know about your change of address as close to your move-out date as possible.


The list goes on! Consider the following groups/organizations when making a change of address: government agencies (Social Security Administration, IRS, the electoral register, etc.), medical and educational facilities, and any subscription services or clubs you regularly receive mail from.

And of course, let your family and friends know about your moving date as they may be able to help you with your transition!

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