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Signs a Neighborhood is Family Friendly

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Finding the perfect home with all the amenities and features you are looking for can take up most of your attention during your home search. But you’ve got a family, and you will also want to consider the neighborhood and if it meets everyone's needs. I’ve got you covered, that’s why I have compiled a few things to look out for when searching for your perfect home!

A family-friendly neighborhood will be safe, convenient, and have a flourishing community. Here are four things to look out for in your prospecting neighborhood.

  1. Are there safety measures in place?

This is one of the best giveaways in a family-friendly neighborhood. This might look like “children at play” signs throughout the neighborhood, and plenty of speed limits and stop signs. You may also see neighborhood watch signs. Notice if street lights are abundant as well as wheelchair and stroller-accessible sidewalks. These are all signs that the people in this community prioritize children's safety.

  1. Nearby Family Necessities

Check the surrounding area for a close grocery store, school, and daycare. It is not only convenient, but it is also a sign that your neighborhood is family-friendly. Easy access to resources like these indicate your prospective neighborhood is vibrant and full of active families!

  1. Amenities for Children

Notice if there are plenty of parks and playgrounds that are well kept. Many family-friendly neighborhoods also have basketball courts and fields for children to play. This not only ensures your child stays active , it will also give them something to be excited about upon your big move. Amenities like this also give you and your children a chance to meet other kids and your neighbors!

  1. Community Engagement

A family-friendly neighborhood will be filled with residents who feel pride in their community. You can see this through community upkeep, activities, and support. You will see kids playing outside together, and neighbors helping each other with projects. These examples are a surefire sign of a community of people who care.

Your real estate agent will be your best resource for finding a family-friendly neighborhood. So what’s the next step? Get in contact with me today, and let’s get you pre-qualified, and linked up with an agent who knows your prospecting area of choice!


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