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Know Who’s Who in the Home Loan Process

The exciting time has come for you to purchase your dream home! At Jen Loans, we are committed to making the home buying experience as seamless and smooth as possible so you can revel in the exciting part of home buying- having your dream home! The home buying process can get complicated, that’s why we have a team of professionals working on your behalf. Below are some of the people you can expect to meet during the home buying process.

Mortgage Advisor

  • Your Mortgage Advisor is the person who takes your initial application, works with real estate agents and keeps things moving forward all throughout the process. Your Mortgage Advisor boosts your confidence in buying your own home as he/she is the one who’s by your side on every step of the way.

Real Estate Agents

  • They are known as the buyer’s agent and can be referred by your Mortgage Advisor. These agents help you find the best home for you that fits your needs, they also take you to showings, guide you all throughout the process, and answer any questions and concerns that you may have. Your Real Estate Agent also negotiates with the seller, so choosing the right agent is a must! They have to be trustworthy and light to work with.

Appraisers and Inspectors

  • It is the appraiser’s job to make sure you get your money’s worth by doing an on-site inspection and verifying the home's value. They survey the property and take note of all the home’s amenities, appliances, rooms, types of construction materials used, and any more updates throughout the home. Meanwhile, a house inspector completes house inspections before it gets sold to ensure they are up to code and safe to inhabit. They are responsible for electrical wiring, plumbing systems, security systems, conditioning units, and structural components.


  • Once you have signed the contract your Loan Officer will connect you with a Loan Processor on our team. This person will help you with documentation, run calculations, and check your earnest money.

Loan Underwriters

  • This is where your processor sends all your documents to underwriting. This team will check guidelines, verify financials, and ensure accuracy. When you work with Jen Loans, you can trust that we make sure this process happens in a timely manner and get to closing on time.


  • Once your file is done with underwriters, the closers will do another round of verification and confirm your down payment.

Closing Agents

  • They are the real estate professionals who help the buyer, seller, and lender to complete a property sale. Their duties are communicating with the mortgage broker and the lender, ordering title work, surveying the property, issuing the title commitment, and assembling the loan closing documents.

Mortgage Funders

  • They are responsible for calibrating the final details of your loan. They ensure all documents are in order and go to the right place so that the funds can be dispersed.


  • This team is in charge of handling your loan on a day-to-day basis. You will be interacting with them after you get the keys to your home. They are the ones who will collect payments and manage your accounts.

With rent on the rise, there’s no better time to settle into a home of your own. Enjoy the home buying process- choose Jen Loans! Ready to get started? Let’s get you a new home, contact me today!

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